How To Use The Services Of A Bulk Billed Home Doctor Service

Posted on: 27 November 2017

It can be extremely worrying when a loved one falls ill during the early hours of the morning or outside the normal opening hours of your doctor's surgery. Rather than wait until the morning, or take a trip to the emergency room, you may want to consider a home doctor service instead.

Home doctor services operate across Australia and offer a flexible, convenient and reassuring alternative to waiting for an appointment for days, or in a hospital waiting room for hours. What's more, most companies offer a bulk billed home doctor service which means you won't need to pay for your visit if you are a Medicare or Gold DVA card holder. If you do not hold one of these cards you can still book a home doctor service with your credit card. 

How Do You Book An Appointment For A Home Doctor Service?

Booking an appointment for a home doctor service visit is usually easier than booking an appointment with your own surgery. A quick Google search will reveal your nearest home doctor service, and many services allow you to book instantly online or over the phone. You can schedule what time you would like an appointment, and you'll receive a confirmation by email and updates over SMS. This can be incredibly reassuring when you are frantic with worry and need to comfort your loved one until the doctor arrives. 

How Does A Home Doctor Service Work?

The majority of home doctor services operate across a number of territories, although there are also some local services that focus on just one area. They have access to their own network of qualified and experienced doctors that they can call upon when patients need assistance. Before booking any bulk billed home doctor, make sure they are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and carry full medical indemnity insurance. This infomation should be freely available if you ask or in a prominent position on any home doctor website. 

What Can A Home Doctor Service Assist With?

You can use a home doctor service for any ailments or conditions that are not life-threatening. Some of the most common problems a home doctor service might deal with include acute conditions such as migraines, respiratory infections, fever, urinary tract infections, injuries from falls and other minor conditions. They can also help with patients of all ages, from children to elderly relatives and in some cases you can specify that you would prefer a doctor with specialist knowledge with particular age groups. 

Using a home doctor service can provide you and your loved ones with comfort, reassurance and the treatment required outside of normal surgery hours, but care should always be taken to use a reputable company using qualified medical experts.