How To Use The Services Of A Bulk Billed Home Doctor Service

Posted on: 27 November 2017
It can be extremely worrying when a loved one falls ill during the early hours of the morning or outside the normal opening hours of your doctor's surgery. Rather than wait until the morning, or take a trip to the emergency room, you may want to consider a home doctor service instead. Home doctor services operate across Australia and offer a flexible, convenient and reassuring alternative to waiting for an appointment for days, or in a hospital waiting room for hours.
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Home Is Where The Heart Is: How Home Dialysis Treatments Can Benefit Disabled People With Kidney Problems

Posted on: 13 November 2017
Undergoing the treatments required to keep a person with renal failure or other serious kidney problems in good health can be incredibly trying, and this difficulty is compounded if the person suffers from other disabilities. For people who suffer from a range of disabilities that include renal failure, such as people with advanced auto-immune disorders, maintaining their health often means frequent trips to hospitals and treatment centres to undergo dialysis treatments, but home dialysis treatments are becoming available to more and more people every year.
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